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Why do bongs, pipes, blunts, and joints, give different highs?

We all react to cannabis very differently, and different strains have countless attributes that benefit us in so many different way. However, the same strain consumed in different methods will also give you a different effect.

Joints are the most common method, also the most classic type of high. Simple, and straight forward, with the convenience of portability. Although it may take more than a few tries to master rolling the perfect joint. You feel the effects from smoking a joint almost instantly, so by the end of that joint you can already feel almost at the peak, as the effects it lasts for at least an hour or two. Some also argue that over time especially for daily consumption compare to the other methods are the weakest overall. (Different paper can also effect taste and smoothness of your smoke, OCB is our team favourite)

Blunts are similar to joints except they use a different material to wrap. Essentially, using cigar wraps are made from tobacco leaves which then gives you a added effects of tobacco as you smoke blunts. The high is usually a little more stimulating and you’ll likely take in more weed as blunt wraps are longer than regular rolling papers.

Using a Pipe is incredibly easy. All you have to do is pack some ground weed in the bowl, light, and inhale through the mouthpiece. The area of the bowl burns more flower at every hit, so you get a bigger hit without burning paper. Although depending on the size and quality of your pipe, it can be hot on your thumb, or scratchy on your throat. Pipes also need regular cleaning, so just a little bit of maintenance.

Bongs arguably give you an even better high, reason being the filtration through water. Whenever you take a hit of weed, the smoke is purified by the water before it reaches your mouth. Not only is it cooler and less harsh, but you’ll likely have a more clear-headed high as you’re inhaling fewer toxins.

What’s more, over the years the design of Bongs are usually much larger than Pipes. a quick one rip of a Bong will be enough to get an incredible high that lasts for hours. You do have to have more maintenance and storage for a good quality bong.

In summary pipes, bongs, joints, and blunts all give different highs as they are different methods of consuming THC. Joints give you a simple yet effective high whereas Blunts add the effects from tobacco. Pipes allow you to take bigger hits of THC while Bongs add the benefit of water filtration.

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