What strain to take being stuck at home

3 Strains to distress from the crisis of Covid-19

As we stay home an watch our nation struggle but believe we will triumph! It can get stressful and a little depressing, here’s a look at 3 strains that will help!

  1. White Widow is a balanced hybrid strain of Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. Perfect if you need to relax and work at the same time, For those of you that can still work, or need to work, but is able to work from home, white widow is a great strain to start your work session. You’ll feel very relaxed while being very assertive without paranoia. White Widow is awesome for pain and functionality.
  2. Red Bubba is a super rad hybrid that will help you remove the stress and still get on with your day, even if in the comfort of your own home. Red Bubba’s effect will help you get creative but not lazy or tired. Super helpful with de-stressing and motivate you to want to do any task or activity whether that’s physical or non-physical. Also a mild boost for working out at home, cleaning and disinfecting all over your house with out feeling frustrated over this pandemic. When the activities are over your ready to rest and watch some Netflix.
  3. For those of you whom are tossing and turning at night, loosing sleep over the uncertainty of what’s to come after this pandemic, the winner is Zombie Kush. Kill your insomnia nights with this indica dominant strain. This strain will dramatically help you get a restful sleep again. Turn off the mental voices over worrying about when this is going to end or how negative this is going to effect all of us. Since this is so new of all of us, we are all trying to figure it out, our lives won’t be the same, but for the time being as we try to fight the curve with time, numb your body and turn off your chatty brain, sleeping is important.

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