Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Smoking Weed

As marijuana becomes legalized in more and more cities around the world and the stigma behind it starts to lessen, it’s important to be educated on the once taboo substance known as marijuana. In this article, we explore five important that that you need to know before smoking weed.

1.  Different Strains:  Sativa vs. Indica

Sativa is known to boost energy levels and help one be focused on a task, thus increasing productivity; it’s best taken during the day.  Indica is best taken during the night, as its effects are to relieve pain, anxiety, and relax the body.

Hybrids are a mixture of sativa and indica strains, so you have to know the percentages of each strain in order to identify the dominant effects. Smoking weed should not be attempted until you know how each strain is likely to affect you!

2.  Think twice about blunts, even though they’re dope

Blunts were made popular by pop-culture originating in New York City. Due to the use of tobacco-leaf “wrapper” or repurposing cigar sheets to roll marijuana, smoking blunts is suspected of being a gateway to nicotine.  It can also alter the taste of the strain of marijuana used as some blunts are flavored. Smoking weed may be dope, but put on the brakes before you try a blunt.

3.  Tools & accessories

Consuming marijuana through using vaporizers has increased in popularity over the years, due to its ability to rid your clothing and surroundings of the distinguishing odours as well as eliminate the need to inhale smoke.  However, the resulting high from a vape is significantly less intense and does not last as long as that of smoking weed. Many experiment with using bongs as well, which are known to build up combustible elements.

You should therefore be prepared to get the specific tools and accessories necessary for your preferred mode of cannabis consumption.

4.  Enjoy the Full Effect

While many people have tried marijuana as a right of passage into their teenage years, it is important to be reminded that the stereotypical days of laughing non-stop over absolutely nothing and consuming way too much junk food while high, should eventually have an end date. 

When consuming marijuana as an adult, please be reminded that marijuana is known to enhance the overall human experience, by either providing energizing or relaxing effects. smoking weed or consuming it in any other way should therefore be done with the desire to either energize your body or relax. Medical effects also result from the different strains, so be a mindful consumer.

5.  Results May Vary

It is important that consumers of marijuana understand that its effects will have a different toll on each individual’s mind and body. As mentioned above, marijuana is known to enhance the overall human experience and may cause a deeper level of thinking or prompt self-reflections. 

If you feel paranoid while consuming marijuana ( meaning you’ve taken too much of the Sativa strain), it might not hurt to embrace the moment and allow your newfound thoughts to circulate. Don’t fight the effects as you won’t win for hours, so just go with the flow and enjoy the feelings and sensations it brings you. It is also important to mention that each person’s tolerance to individual strains will be different. Some may need to smoke one whole gram to feel something while others will feel the same way with a couple of puffs.

it may therefore be necessary for you to try different products until you find the one that will give you the effects you seek. A good place to start is our indica-dominant products, such as Chemical Weapons and Death Bubba, if you want a burst of energy on a weekend of partying.

Keep the points above in mind and your experience smoking weed or using it in any other way will be a rewarding one!

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