The Quick Guide to Glass Bongs


Since legalization, the cannabis industry has been booming. Today, more people than ever are enjoying the many medicinal and recreational benefits of cannabis, and are using this intoxicating and addictive flower in a number of creative and fun ways.

And while rolling a joint is the classic, and arguably the easiest and most common way to consume cannabis, glass bongs run a close second.

So if you are a true weed and bhang lover, you must have, at some point,  thought of trying a glass bong. Only problem is, you don’t really know that much about it. 

But don’t worry, because you are in the right place. In this article, we will be covering all that you need to know about glass bongs, and their usage.

So let’s get down to it.

What are glass bongs anyway?

The simplest explanation of a glass bong is that they are a glass, water pipe, whose sole purpose is to smoke tobacco, cannabis, or any other forms of herbs.

The shape of a bong is much as you’d imagine it, with a water chamber on the base, a stem, and a mouthpiece. The water, or ice in the base serves as a filtering system, and the clean, glass stem serves as a clean, efficient, and almost harmless way to smoke your favorite strains. 

Bongs are also reusable, though not very durable since they are made of glass. As a result, if you are thinking of getting a bong, be sure to use it carefully, and store it in a safe place, away from children.

How do bongs work?

Each glass bong comes with a bowl, which is just a small opening at the end of your stem and is the place where you pack your cannabis flower. Now there are many different types and forms of bowls, but mostly they are just a small opening to push your substance in.

Once you light your weed, the heat from the fire causes it to break down, and forms a gas, and in time a smoke. The purpose of the bong is to clear this smoke of unwanted compounds, and this is accomplished when the smoke passes first through an ash filter, and then through the water at the base.

This not only cleans up what you end up inhaling, but is also an extremely fun and easy way to consume your cannabis.

Benefits of a glass bong

There are numerous benefits of using a bong, but the most important one is simply the bongs great filtration system. The smoke you inhale will always pass through an ash filter, and the water in the chamber. 

This not only stops ash from entering your body, but also removes many potentially harmful toxins and carcinogens from the vapor.   

Similarly, the water also cools the smoke down, making the inhaling process much easier and flavorful.

Finding the right bong for yourself

While there are many different designs and shapes of bongs out there, in principle they all work the same. Which is why choosing the perfect bong for yourself only depends on you, and the shape, color, or design which you like. 

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