Mystery Game June 26th Saturday

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2 Top Daily Prize winners

Prizes include:

Monday – 50 store credit
Tuesday – 50 store credit
Wednesday – 50 store credit

Thursday – 100 store credit
Friday – 100 store credit

Saturday – half oz flower
Sunday – half oz flower

Up coming special events:

Mystery Game June 26th Saturday
Prizes include:

1st place- Mystery Box Valued at $500
2nd place  – Mystery Box Valued at $400
3rd place – Mytery Box Valued at $300
4th-5th place –  $100 Store Credit
6th-7th place –  $50 Store Credit

*takes 5 tokens to re-buy in for June 26th only*

Enter and Play

PP Poker Instructions:

  1. Download PP Poker App on your mobile phone.
  2. Join Club ID 3081134
  3. Free games daily but re-buys need tokens to play*$1 = 1 token, takes 2 tokens to re-buy into the game*

Any questions or inquiries please email [email protected]

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