Safety Tips for First-time Cannabis Smokers

safety tips for first time cannabis smokers

Whether it’s your first time riding a bike, driving a car, or smoking weed, it’s always a good idea to take some safety measures. 

Ultimately, it really is all about preparing your mind and body for a new and exciting experience. 

So if it’s your first herb-smoking voyage and you’re looking for the best tips, you’re in the right place. Here are our top tips for an enjoyable inaugural weed experience.

1. Choose the best time of the day

Just like how you have the right time of the day for exercise, you need to find the best time to smoke as well. After all, cannabis tends to have a huge physiological and psychological impact on your body. And if it’s your first time smoking, you may just wanna do it at a time when you’re alone and don’t have anything scheduled for the next 3-4 hours.

If possible, hit your first joint at night, after you’re through with everything you need to do. Spend this time acquainting yourself with the feeling and how it affects you.

2. Choose the right environment

Hey, you’d pull out all the stops for a date. This really is no different. Find an environment or room that you feel comfortable in, and if you want, play your favorite songs on the stereo. This will help keep you calm and make your first time a great experience.

3. Keep yourself hydrated

The first physical sign you’ll experience is called cottonmouth. Just like the name suggests, this will cause your mouth to feel all thick and dry. For some people, this can be quite uncomfortable.

The best way to counter is to stay hydrated. So keep a bottle of water nearby.

4. Prep for the munchies beforehand

You’ll know that the weed’s kicked in when you suddenly want to eat everything that’s in your fridge. This my friend, is called munchies and is one of the best effects of cannabis. For about an hour, the chemicals in the flower will make your brain think that it needs more and more food.

And it’s bound to hit you sooner or later. So keep a bowlful of your favorite snacks close by.

5. Start with a joint

There are a ton of pre-rolled options available in the market. Sure, you may have seen some of your more experienced friend rolling their joints themselves, or hitting bongs and pipes. Sure, you want to try these too, but believe us, these are hard-earned skills that come with time. For the time being, stick to a joint.

6. Go for a balanced strain

Sure, those high THC strains may look tempting, but if it’s your first time smoking, you may not want to dive too deeply just yet. Instead, choose a hybrid strain that contains a balanced amount of both THC and CBD. This way, your high will be a lot milder, and easier to control as well. You’ll still enjoy that nice, euphoric feeling, though it won’t send you to another dimension just yet.

7. Don’t smoke alone.

Yup, most of your friends do it alone on most nights. But remember, they’ve probably been smoking for years now, and know how to handle it. You on the other hand don’t really know what you’re doing. 

So why not invite a couple of your buddies over for a smoking session? Their experience will help ensure your first time goes great.

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