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Adorable Ruby Chocolate w/ Cherries & Almonds – 200mg THC

$23.00 $20.00
  • Ruby Chocolate w/ Cherries & Almonds
  • Cannabis Infused: 200mg THC
  • 10 pieces per bar: 20mg THC per piece

Ruby is the 4th type of chocolate, the most exciting thing to happen to chocolate in more than 80 years. Made from the ruby cocoa bean, it offers a totally new taste experience: a tension of fresh berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness. Each bar contains 200mg THC.

Beginner or microdosers please start with half piece of 20mg and allow 45-60 minutes then access to continue taking more. Keep out of reach of children! May Contain Nuts* Store in cool and dry environment.   Free shipping orders over $99.    

This bar is a unique combination of beauty, originality, purity and taste. Each peace of this bar means celebration. Celebration that turns into a tradition that lasts endlessly.

Enchant your senses with the exquisite bliss of Adorable. Handcrafted from the finest Belgian chocolate and a premium collection of British Columbia cannabis, our artisanal bars redefine the world of edible confections.