Infused or Sprayed? Why Every Edible is NOT Created Equal


Who doesn’t love edibles? In fact, according to some statistics, the cannabis edibles market is set to grow at a staggering 25% and is currently worth $4.1 billion in Canada and the United States.

But if you are a true cannabis edible enthusiast, you’ll know that not all edibles are equal. 

And we’re not just talking about taste – though it does play an important part. Instead, as cannabis experts, we are more focused on the potency and medicinal capabilities of edibles.

But why, and how do these differences arise? 

It’s simple really. 

The major reason behind this are the methods which are used to create these delicious goodies that get you high. 

More specifically, it depends on whether the edible has been infused, or if it has been sprayed.

But what is the difference between sprayed and infused edibles? And which one is better? Let’s take a look.

Sprayed Edibles

As the name suggests, sprayed edibles are simply gummies, candies, or even cookies which have been sprayed over and coated with CBD oils or THC distillates. 

In fact, a vast majority of the CBD gummies and candies available in the market today, including some very popular brands like Laughing Monkey or Herbivores, are regular Costco candies that have been simply sprayed with or rolled in a mixture of sugar and CBD or THC isolate. 

These candies and gummies taste great, and are cheap too. Because the “manufacturers” of these products simply purchase these gummies in bulk from companies producing these gummies, spray and coat them with a powdered mixture of CBD and sugar, and call it a day. 

The problem arises here, for coated or sprayed edibles do not compare in quality, efficiency, or shelf life to actual products which have actually been infused with cannabinoid compounds.

Even worse, this usually leaves consumers with THC stuck on their teeth – NOT a pleasant experience. 

Infused Edibles

In comparison, actually infusing cannabinoids like THC and CBD into edibles is much more difficult to do. The process involves first grinding up the cannabis buds, and then baking them at a certain temperature to decarboxylate the cannabinoids, especially THC. 

The decarboxylation process is extremely important, as it brings out the psychoactive properties in THC and the medicinal ones in CBD.

Once this is done, the decarboxylated cannabis now needs to be infused in oil or butter. Many edibles manufacturers use coconut or olive oil, though others do prefer turning it into cannabutter.

This oil, or butter, is then used to bake and cook edibles such as gummies, cookies, and chocolates. 

As you can imagine, infused edibles are naturally a lot better than sprayed ones. 

Here are the top three reasons why:

  1. Infused edibles test more accurately in terms of cannabinoid content, than an edible which has been sprayed or coated. 

This is particularly important for edibles which are being sold online or in registered dispensaries, as an edible which does not test accurately could spell disaster for the businesses selling and manufacturing them.

  1. Cannabinoids in an infused edible have a much longer shelf life, since it is protected from direct heat and light. 

Cannabinoids are sensitive, and prolonged, direct exposure to the elements results in the compound breaking down rapidly. This in turn, reduces their potency and effectiveness. This also means that edibles which have been sprayed or coated contain significantly less amounts of active cannabinoids.

  1. Lastly, edibles which have been infused can be more effectively measured and dosed, as the manufacturer is legally required to disclose how much CBD or THC has been infused in each gummy or cookie. 

Naturally, this is a huge benefit for medicinal users who want to measure and dose their cannabis intake.

Where can I find authentic infused edibles? 

If you are in the market looking for the best infused edibles, you should always seek out a reputable and licensed manufacturer or distributor of cannabis based products. 

Simply buying something which claims to be “infused” is not enough, since they might just have been sprayed, rolled, or dusted instead.

At Bhang Bhang, we consider you as family. This is why we make sure to stock only reliable, authentic, infused-edible brands like Bliss, Baroness, Mary’s and loads more for our customers. 

Head on over to our online store and pick your favorite yummy treats today! 

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