Indica vs. Sativa: What You Need to Know

indica vs. sativa

If you are new to the wonderful world of cannabis, words like indica vs. sativa or even hybrid may throw you off and you may find it very difficult to select a product that is right for you. But not to worry, Bhang Bhang has done all the research for you so that you can quickly read through this post and gain the knowledge that will give you the confidence to select an indica vs. sativa or a hybrid cannabis product when appropriate. Read on and learn!

Indica Cannabis Varieties

Generally, Indica strains have been known for their ability to relax your entire body. Many users confess that Indica strains are so relaxing that they are reluctant to make any effort to move while high on indicas.  In addition to a complete sense of relaxation, Indica strains will encourage you to maintain a calm state of mind; therefore, it’s recommended for nighttime use as its body high results in “couch lock.”

Recreational use aside, Indica cannabis strains are regularly recommended as an aid for various types of medical conditions, including insomnia and for dealing with the symptoms of cancer.  This is because in addition to relaxing the entire body, Indica strains of weed are known to relieve all types of body pain, reduce nausea, stimulate appetite, and increase dopamine levels, among many other such effects.

For those of you who are interested in growing your own weed, the plant’s physical appearance is short and dense and the leaves are short and wide.  Scientifically known as “cannabis indica afghanica”, Indica’s origins are traced to the mountainous, colder and drier parts of Central Asia. 

For the geek in you, there has been historical evidence that links indica strains to being used thousands of years ago by various cultures for medical, ceremonial and religious purposes.

The common indica or indica-dominant cannabis strains include:


The second part of the indica vs. sativa equation focuses on understanding Sativa cannabis strains. They have the reputation of increasing energy levels in the mind and body of users.  This is the complete opposite of Indicas as night is to day. Sativas or sativa-dominant strains are known to uplift and enhance all experiences, while simultaneously reducing feelings of anxiousness and stress; therefore, a sativa provides an excellent way to start your day since you will get the lift that you need to be productive all day long.

In many cases, Sativa strains are recognized as reducing brain fog and thus, enhancing one’s ability to be productive when completing tasks.  This strain is commonly recommended as a medical relief for those battling through depression, as it’s known to boost serotonin levels in the body.

For the weed grower in you, a Sativa plant has a physical appearance that is tall and thin while the leaves are skinny.  Known as “cannabis sativa”, its origins have been traced to the dryer and hotter climates of Central America and the northern regions of Africa.

Common strains of sativa or sativa-dominant varieties include Laughing Buddha, Moby Dick, Strawberry Cough and AK-47.

Hybrid Cannabis Varieties

As the name suggests, a hybrid cannabis variety contains sativa and indica genetics in its composition in varying degrees.

For example, the Moby Dick variety referred to earlier is a sativa-dominant weed variety whose genetics are 60 percent sativa and 40 percent indica. As you may suspect, hybrids will not give you the typical body high that a pure strain will give you since the mixed genetics produce effects that are modulated or toned down.

Hybrids are usually suitable for medical use since it has been discovered that the best outcomes are got when there is a mix of THC, CBD and other compounds within the same product. Hybrids will give you the therapeutic effects of THC but your body high will be toned down by the calming effects of the indica genetics in that weed.

You can now comment with swag when a debate arises on the topic indica vs. sativa since you now know what each of those varieties does in your body. Most importantly, jump over to our products page and sample what we have and speak from a point of experience!

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