How to Make Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil?


Also known as “Canna Oil”, cannabis infused coconut oil is one of the most fun and imaginative ways to consume marijuana without smoking.

Extremely easy to prepare, infusible with nearly all kinds of strains, and usable in many situations, canna oil makes getting high super fun and easy.

It can be enjoyed as a dressing on its own, or can be used as an ingredient to bake and cook the most delicious cannabis infused desserts and recipes!

While cannabis infused coconut oil can be easily bought at a marijuana dispensary online, enthusiasts in the weed community will all agree that there is a unique pleasure in preparing your own recipe!

Ideal for both beginner and experienced chefs, the process is extremely simple and requires minimum effort.

Why is cannabis infused coconut oil so popular?

Compared to olive oil or butter, coconut oil has a higher concentration of saturated fats.

These fats, also called fatty acids, have the ability to absorb, retain and bind together high amounts of cannabinoids.

As a result, it serves as the best medium to infuse cannabis flowers in.

Additionally, coconut oil itself is famous for several health benefits.

It contains a lot of fatty acids which give users a boost of energy, and encourage them to burn fat.

Coconut oil is also recommended for diabetes, blood sugar, liver, and digestion – all of which make it a popular choice among consumers all over the world.

Ingredients for Canna Oil

Decarboxylating, and infusing cannabis into coconut oil is a simple and easy process which can easily be done at home.

It only requires a few simple ingredients, which are:

  1. 7-10 grams of ground cannabis flower
  2. 1 cup of coconut oil

You also do not need a lot of fancy equipment to make your own canna oil. In fact, it can be easily done with what you already have in your kitchen.

You will need:

  1. A strainer or a cheesecloth
  2. A grinder – preferably a hand grinder since coffee grinders and blenders tend to shred cannabis flower which results in bad tasting edibles
  3. A slow cooker or a saucepan

Directions for making cannabis infused coconut oil:

  1. Grinding

Grind your flower well but not too fine. Remember, anything which is small enough to pass through your strainer will end up in your oil!

  • Decarboxylation and Infusion

Combine your grinded cannabis flower and coconut oil in your saucepan or slow cooker on low heat. The oil should not cross above 245° F, so that the decarboxylation process can take place without scorching.

If you are using a saucepan, you will need to heat the oil for about 2-3 hours, and frequently keep stirring the mixture to avoid scorching. Whereas if you use a slow cooker, the process can take between 4-6 hours, with occasional stirring.

  • Straining

Once the infusion is complete, simply strain your oil in a container of your choice and discard the remaining plant material. The oil can be stored at room temperature, but can also be refrigerated to preserve and increase its life.

And that’s it – your delicious and potent cannabis infused coconut oil is now ready! 

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