Halloween theme cannabis ideas

Happy Halloweed stoners. BHANG-BHANG!

Halloween is just around the corner, so start planning now and incorporate cannabis treats and goodies and throw the best halloween party of the year.

FUN cannabis theme halloween ideas for your party:

Make a bong out of a mini pumpkin from your local grocer, or get out there and pick one out from a pumpkin patch!

Can’t remember the last time you carved a pumpkin right? or too intimated by your artist friend that can carve a portrait on the pumpkin?

Pumpkin bongs are so cute, and perfect activity during a halloween party, grind the bhang, fire up your pumpkin and smoke away.

Supplies you need:

  • Pumpkin carving kit (knife, spoon)
  • A drill with a large and small drill bit. (You can use a skewer or screwdriver or if you don’t have a drill.)
  • A small, or, if you’re feeling ambitious, medium-sized pumpkin, or even a large one for sh*ts & giggles
  • Use a down-stem from your glass bong or not (your choice).

Follow these Steps:

  1. Carve the top lid section with your knife at an angle so the stem lid don’t fall through when your done.
  2. Empty out the insides, and save your seeds!
  3. Drill a hole to fit the stem, or gauge a bowl in the pumpkin skin, then poke a tiny hole in the centre. (Challenge: Make 3 bowls and use a torch to light up all three)
  4. Make another hold for yourself to smoke out of.
  5. Get creative! Be Safe!

Anxiety flying high around all the spooky decorations? Guest what, cannabis can relax your nerves too!

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