Edibles! Our Honest reviews.

1) Adorable chocolates 200mg 
These chocolates come in 200mg bars and 5 flavors so far. Our favorite is the white chocolate and the ruby chocolate so far. White chocolate has the frosted cornflakes that gives the extra crunch in your bite. The high from eating around 40mg (2 squares ) reduces all stresses that you’d have on your mind. It’s mellow, accepting and totally welcoming but if you’re looking to get couch locked, feel free to eat more! 

The ruby chocolate is a next level chocolate. It is described as the 4th type of chocolate. The way that ruby chocolates are made gives it a slight berry taste ( sweet but slightly sour ). There is NO berries used, it is a beautiful organic colour. The pink hue comes from the way that the cocoa beans are less fermented during processing. The dried cherries gives a nice tart and extra chewiness in texture.
Max we tried to eat was 5 squares in 1 go (100mg), we ended up with massive munchies and laughs! Movies looked too fake as everything is slower and your brain analyzes it differently. There was no groggy or sluggish feeling the next day! 

2) Bliss gummies 

WOW. These gummies are just wow ! Why would I say that? 
Upon opening the tin can, the little squares looks like any other edible. Nothing special until you pop one in your mouth. The taste used to be a lot more intense with the weed taste but bliss has progressed to faze it out slightly. Now, there is less of a weed taste to their edibles which is great but honestly the taste was not a factor at all. The high on the other hand was amazing for something so small at 20mg it hits like no other! It actually hits the hardest of all 20mg edibles that I’ve tried so far. After 30 mins you’d feel the high right between your eyes, it makes me feel like I’m floating mentally. 20mg is great for conversations but 3 bliss in, conversations no longer make sense and you’d just laugh at everything ! 

3) Sec 
Our personal favorites are the hidden gems and the rose.


Hidden gems are 100mg per candy and it comes in 2. Sec has made these with distillate so you won’t be able to taste any weed. Texture wise they are very very squishy and spongy and it’s hard to eat the right dosage because it’s so delicious. Once the edible hits (100mg), it’s like you’d have to sit and can no longer stand as the world becomes wobbly. Sec will change up their flavors for each gummy once a while and it’s awesome so I wasn’t stuck with just 1 flavor of hidden gem. We find that these edibles spark creative thinking as after eating the hidden gems I’m always researching about random things BUT it does not leave u awake all night. It mellows out and you’d just pass out without knowing. There is also no groggy feeling the next day! 

SEC Rosebud Edibles 800mg THC

The rose is 800mg per candy and it comes in 1 per pack. Eat this one with extra caution as taking the right amount is hard. What we do is cut it into 4 pieces so it’s 200mg per and take with caution. Personally I’ve got a great high off this by eating just 1 part of the leaf. The high, is more of a hybrid where you are able to carry out a conversation and still able to walk but don’t try to drive or go to work after you’ve taken the rose. You will be sent home ! We take it at the end of a busy day to wind down just in case we eat more than what we can handle. The flavors for this one is known to change as well but to be honest who cares about the flavor when you’re chasing that high ~ 

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