Does Smoking Weed Really Make You Lose Weight?


Even if you have never smoked weed in your entire life, you must have heard of munchies – an uncontrollable drive to “munch” down a large number of snacks after smoking weed.

On the other hand, users swear that smoking weed not only helps them eat less, but also lose weight. While this is also true to a certain extent, the connection is not that simple to understand.

However, what we do know for sure is that the desire to slim down, both for health and aesthetic reasons, feeds the weight loss industry billions of dollars each year. However, results are almost never as permanent or efficient as we want them to be.

As a result, many people today are wondering whether cannabis can actually help with weight loss. Let’s look at what the research has to say.

What does the research say?

While there is a lot of research being done on this topic, it is still in its infancy. However, recent results look extremely promising. 

Dr. Stephen Glazer, the Chief Medical Officer at Cannaway Clinic concluded that your body’s endocannabinoid system “contributes significantly to both obesity and metabolic disorders.”

The endocannabinoid system, ECS for short, is an extensive network of cellular receptors and nerves, which help us keep our body in balance. These include CB1 receptors, which interact with THC and leave you feeling high and euphoric. But this same receptor can also help you manage the amount of fatty acids in your body.

Fatty Acids

According to Dr. Glazer, these CB1 receptors play an important role in energy uptake, storage and consumption. Once this receptor is activated by THC, it heightens our sense of smell and taste, and activates our brains “appetite center”. This is more commonly known as the “munchies”.

I get it, it seems counterintuitive. How can something that makes me feel hungry, ever help me lose weight. Well you might be interested to know that this is not the only reaction THC has on your body.

You might be pleased to know that regular usage of THC can actually improve your metabolism. Not just that, it can even help your body manage brown fat more effectively and reduce energy storage. All of these result in a lower Body Mass Index, and hence, a slimmer shape for you.

But that’s not all, since weed has many other benefits which can help reduce weight. Let’s look at a few.

It can increase mobility

When consumed properly, weed can actually relieve symptoms of pain and inflammation. As a result, people with mobility issues find that they can be more active and exercise with more ease after using marijuana.

It can reduce your alcohol intake

Research has shown that younger people who frequently use marijuana actually consume less alcohol than those who don’t. This means that weed can actually lower your calorie intake by a significant level, which contributes positively to a lower BMI.

It can improve sleep

The sedative properties of marijuana are famous all over the world. And it’s not mystery that poor sleep leads to an increase in weight. So if you feel tired, or stressed all the time, it might be a signal to enjoy a relaxing, calming strain of marijuana, and ultimately a good nights sleep.

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