CBD Edibles vs Vaping – Everything You Need to Know

cbd edibles vs vaping

While smoking is the classic and most loved way to consume cannabis, today users have a large number of options available. Many dispensaries stock vapes, concentrates, edibles and a number of fun and unique accessories.

If you are a weed lover and looking for new and enjoyable ways to consume weed, vaping and edibles are the two most common and popular methods.

But while they are famous, both have different uses and benefits. So let’s take a look.

CBD Edibles: What are they exactly?

As the name suggests, CBD edibles are food and beverages which have been infused with everyone’s favorite cannabinoid, CBD.

There are many different kinds of edibles available, including gummies, chocolates, cookies, coffee and even beer!

And they are available widely too. Nearly all stores and online dispensaries stock them, and if you are feeling experimental, you can even make your own at home.

Now that you know what CBD edibles are, let us consider some of the top reasons why you should buy them.

1. Prolonged Effects

By eating a CBD infused gummy, or slipping a sweet into your tea, you are allowing the CBD to pass through your digestive system and get absorbed into your bloodstream.

Not only does this mean that the effects will set in rather quickly, but also ensures that the CBD will remain in your system for much longer periods of time. This is just one reason why edibles are so loved by medicinal users.

2. Variety

Similar to how there are many different strains and flavors of cannabis, there are a lot of different edibles out there. In fact, you could add CBD to pretty much anything you like to eat or drink.

3. Discretion

Unless it is specifically labeled, it is nearly impossible to tell normal food from a CBD infused edible. As a result, if you want to take some CBD discreetly while you are out in public, an edible can be of great help.

Vaping: In a nutshell

People have been smoking for centuries, but today, technology has allowed consumers to vaporize and then consume their favorite products.

A vaporizer is a quite simple and elegant little tool, which consists of a small heating coil, a rechargeable battery, and a small tank designed to hold CBD oil, vape juice, or even dried cannabis buds. 

All you need to do is press a small button on the vape, and it will heat up the oil and create a vapor which you can inhale and enjoy.

Lets look at some of the benefits of vaping

1. Healthier than smoking

Since there is no combustion involved in vaping, and the vaporizer only heats the cannabis bud, the user doesn’t really come in contact with any harmful carcinogens, making it much safer and healthier than smoking.

2. Quick Effect

Extremely helpful for people who are searching for quick relief, vape allows the cannabinoids in your substance to enter your bloodstream almost instantly.

3. Measurable dosage 

The best vaporizers and vape pens will always allow you to measure how much you’re consuming in each puff, helping you measure their intake and regulate accordingly.


Despite what many people think, the method of consuming cannabis matters a lot. Hopefully, choosing between CBD edibles and vapes will be much easier now, and you can purchase that which is best suited to your needs.


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