Cannabis Grading System – How it works

Cannabis Grading System - How it works - BHANG-BHANG

The legalization of cannabis in Canada leads to the rise of several online dispensaries across the country. With the wide-assortment of dispensaries, suppliers, and strains available on the market today, buyers need to be sure about the quality of Edible Cannabis Products they’re buying. That’s the reason why the standard grading system comes into play. Let’s understand the different levels and grading that everyone follows. The most widely used system in cannabis is the A-AAAA grading system. Here, ‘A’ is the lowest and quadruple A (AAAA) is the highest grading.

AAAA — Cannabis Grading System Guide

It is typically the best indeed, a top-shelf quality of cannabis. One of the most premium buds you can find on the market that smell, look, and taste nearly perfect. People who want to taste strong, flavorful Cannabis Edibles in Canada can opt for AAAA grade weed.

AAA grading

A few years back, these were considered as the high-ranked cannabis but, advanced growing techniques and breeders have improved a lot, resulting in more potent cannabis strains (AAAA grade). At our Online Cannabis Dispensary in Canada, you can find a lot of intense, potent high strains that will make you feel relaxed and free of pain and stress.

AA and A grading

At this level, cannabis is generally of very low quality. Although available at cheaper rates, these buds are not worth spending money on. At Bhang Bhang, we don’t even bother sourcing low grade, we don’t waste time looking for good weed in the low grade because with our experience it will be a waste of time.

At BHANG-BHANG, you can find the best prices at with AAAA grade in ounce deals. Be sure to remember we also have a wide variety of best quality and great tasting Buy Cannabis Edibles Online . You get Free shipping on all orders above $99. For more information, follow our Instagram page.

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