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4 Popular Cannabis Consumption Methods

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People often wonder, what are the cannabis consumption methods available? The answer to this question will surprise you, because there can be as many cannabis consumption methods as there are cannabis consumers!

However, not all cannabis consumption methods are created equal, so we shall highlight the most common ones in this post. Feel free to try them out and keep experimenting until you find what gives you the best results!


Smoking marijuana is the most prevalent and widely used method to consume cannabis.  The most basic form of preparing this method is simple, as it includes rolling up ground marijuana with inexpensive rolling paper.  Other forms of smoking marijuana include smoking it from a bong, pipe or glass bubbler. Many of our products are aimed at people who smoke weed, so check them out and tell us what a joint made using our cannabis does for you!


Similar to vaping tabacco or using an e-cigarette, the concentrates used in vaping cannabis are usually in an oil form.  The use of vapes as one of the cannabis consumption methods is on the rise, as it generally maintains a more discrete look and presents none of the typical marijuana odors that are produced through smoking.  At Bhang Bhang we have a specially selected collection of concentrates that you can use if you would like to vape your weed, so hop right over and get vaping!

Eating and Drinking

In order to fully experience the effects of cannabis, one cannot only consume dried marijuana.  The chemical THC and other cannabinoids in the plant have to be activated using oils and fats, and then extracted.  After activating marijuana’s cannabinoids with heat, THC and the other cannabinoids then become soluble in fats.

This step is vital as the cannabinoids will then be able to bind together with the fats in foods, such as binding together with the fats in the butter and chocolate in the popular option of “pot brownies”. Now with the trending confettis that are cannabis infused, so much more exciting edibles to browse and select from out there. Our very own Adorable Chocolate With Almonds is to die for, plus a whole lot more in our range of cannabis edibles!

For those of you that have never smoked and still don’t enjoy that method of administration, edibles are a perfect option. There is also the added benefit of being able to control your cannabis dosage much more precisely.

When consuming cannabis through eating or drinking, it is important to keep in mind that digestion adds an additional pit-stop on the THC’s path to the brain.  During this process, THC is converted to THC-COOH, which has a more potent affect and lasts longer in the body. When one eats THC-infused products, it is essential that you start with a smaller dosage and work your way up otherwise you will be stoned higher than you had intended!


Dabbing is another of the top five cannabis consumption methods. This cannabis-consumption method has evolved over the years.  The process includes rapidly and constantly sublimating cannabis concentrates and inhaling the resulting vapour.  This method is popular among many users as it allows users to inhale upwards of 90 percent of THC, which produce a totally different experience.

There are more sub-categories to cannabis concentrates, such as those that are more terpy or those with more pure THC. Whatever you prefer, make sure your consuming safe products.

At Bhang Bhang, we help you navigate the safety issue by only stocking what we have vetted and found satisfactory. Whatever your preferred method of consumption, we have the product for you. Check out our collection and go Bhang Bhang!

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