Can Cannabis Treat Diabetes?

can cannabis treat diabetes

If you or a loved one are suffering from diabetes and have tried everything to no avail, we have good news for you.

Ever before it was legalized, cannabis has been used to treat a large number of diseases and treatments and today, a lot of research is being conducted on it’s medicinal and recreational benefits.

While this research is still in its early stages, results are promising, and many studies have shown that cannabis can be successfully used to treat many conditions and diseases.

And one of the biggest questions many researchers and cannabis enthusiasts are asking today is can cannabis treat diabetes?

Lets take a look.

How can cannabis treat diabetes?

The cannabis flower contains a large number of active compounds which are called cannabinoids. The most famous ones of course, are THC and CBD. 

Both THC and CBD have a large range of effects on peoples’ bodies. They can increase appetite, alleviate stress and anxiety, and even reduce pain and inflammations.

Today, we will be looking at whether or not cannabis can help treat diabetes. According to the latest research, the cannabis flower does have positive effects on many symptoms of diabetes. These include 

  1. Blood glucose
  2. Arterial inflammations
  3. Blood pressure and circulation
  4. Cramps and pain
  5. Insulin management

Let us look at them in more detail

Blood Glucose

Blood glucose, or blood sugar plays a role in your body and is perhaps the biggest symptom of diabetes. Responsible for providing energy to the body, too little or too much blood sugar can be extremely dangerous, which is why managing your blood sugar is extremely important.

Luckily, a research conducted recently on PWDs (people with diabetes) has shown that regular usage of cannabis can help people manage their blood sugar better, and achieve lower A1C results as well.

This is good news for everyone, since a managed blood glucose level can help PWDs live a better life, and help other people avoid diabetes all together.

Arterial Inflammations

A large number of PWDs suffer from arterial and other forms of inflammations and pain. If left untreated, these can be quite painful and lead to several major life threatening conditions fairly quickly.

Luckily, cannabis contains compounds like THC and CBD, which are natural anti-inflammatory agents which are extremely effective. They can even be used to treat nerve inflammations, which is quite common amongst PWDs and causes neuropathic pain.

Blood pressure and circulation

Diabetes often results in damaged and hardened arteries, which leads to many blood pressure and circulatory problems. If ignored, this can lead to a number of cardiovascular problems, heart attacks and even kidney failure.

Luckily cannabis is here to help. High CBD strains have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which can reduce blood pressure and improve artery health over time.


These are just some of the many benefits medicinal cannabis has. According to research, cannabis can even help PWDs improve their insulin resistance, and manage pain better.

As a result, we can safely say that while cannabis can be used to treat diabetes, it can even be used to prevent it.

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