Everything You Need to Know about Hashish


Cannabis can be consumed in many creative ways today. You can roll a joint, use a vaporizer or even a bong.  

Cannabis concentrates like shatter and resin are extremely popular, but among these Hash or Hashish is legendary in every right. 

What Is Hashish?

Hashish or Hash is a marijuana concentrate that’s been a well-known product in many cultures for thousands of years. 

Hash is a much more potent replacement for common marijuana, it’s high THC levels making it very popular worldwide. 

The earliest known origin leads to India, North Africa and the Middle East. Several ancient Egyptian texts mention the use of Hash and it’s also been found to exist as a popular concentrate in Northern India and Nepal, going by the name of ‘charas’. 

Hash vs. Marijuana

Marijuana refers to the dried leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant.  

Harvesting marijuana involves harvesting high-trichome buds from mature, female cannabis plants. These THC-rich buds are dried and then cured to release their potency.

For pot users that are looking for higher THC levels, this similar process is only slightly modified to produce hash. 

The trichomes are separated from the cannabis buds and dried and compressed into blocks.

Making Hash

There are plenty of ways to make hash, with varying difficulties. The simplest method is to make Finger Hash where weed is rubbed between the hands until the resin is released and sticks to your fingers. This can be scraped off and compressed into balls.

A better quality of hash can be prepared by separating kief from the rest of the cannabis plant, and compressing it into bricks. 

How to consume Hash

Hash can be consumed in several ways:

  • The simplest way is to Smoke a Joint. Heat the Hash to make it crumble and roll it into your joint.
  • You can also Smoke Hash in a Bowl of your bong or pipe. It results in an intense, THC-rich high. Again, soften the hash till it crumbles and add it to your bowl. 
  • Hash can also be Vaporized to create high intensity vape hits.  It may be a little trickier than vaping weed. It’s better to add a degummed hemp fiber to avoid it sticking to the chamber when heated. 
  • Hash can be smoked with a Hookah Pipe. You can apply the Hash to the shisha and heat the charcoal of the hookah to light the product.
  • A Dab Rig can be used to create intense vapors of your Hash for a really powerful kick. Though, be careful to clean the dab nail after applying Hash to avoid the Hash resin sticking to it. 

Where can I buy Hash? 

As a powerful concentrate, hash is preferred by people looking for a stronger kick and an intense high, though it is more time-consuming to prepare. 

While most dispensaries stock cheap or less pure versions of hash, at Bhang-Bhang we make sure to provide our customers with only the highest quality of cannabis concentrates out there. 

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