5 Reasons to Try Cannabis Concentrates


If you’re a weed lover and haven’t tried dabbing or vaping concentrates yet, you are definitely missing out. 

The number one reason? 

POTENCY of course! 

The number one reason why cannabis concentrates are so popular is because they are incredibly potent. 

Concentrates are produced by extracting oils that contain all the THC (and other cannabinoids) goodness from marijuana flower. 

While your favorite strain may have around 20-30% THC, shatter made from the same will contain 60-90% THC. 

Still not convinced? 

Well here are 5 reasons why you should try cannabis concentrates today

1. One dab will do Ya

Yep. That’s about all you need to do to get incredibly, amazingly stoned.

Like we said before, concentrates are incredible powerful, and if you’re like many regular cannabis consumers out there, you’ll soon reach a point where flower just won’t cut it. 

Of course, you should ideally take a T-break, but who wants to do that right? 

Not only do concentrate pack a powerful punch, they hit almost instantaneously and get you stoned the minute you’ve stopped inhaling the vapor. 

This means not only will you consume less product, you will also save a ton of time! 

2. Save yourself some bucks 

Yep. That’s true. 

Cannabis concentrates can seem to be much more expensive than even premium flower, but this is quite misleading. 

Sure, they cost a pretty penny, but you have to remember that concentrates (like the name suggests) are quite concentrated. 

In scientific terms it means that they pack quite a bang for their buck! 

If you’re a moderate consumer, your budder or shatter will last for much longer than your weed. 

And in case you’re a heavy hitter, you can be sure that a small amount of the good stuff will hit much better and get you higher than plain old weed ever could! 

3. Easier on the lungs

Another reason why dabbing and vaping is so popular is that consuming concentrates is not as heavy on your lungs as smoking a joint or a blunt. 

Even though smoking a joint of the finest cannabis flower from your favorite online dispensary is how you’ve always gotten high, you have to admit that the process involves combustion.

Burning plant smoke can not only irritate your lungs but if you smoke too much or too frequently, can lead to more serious complications. 

Concentrates on the other hand are consumed by vaporizing – a process that’s much easier on your sensitive lungs. 

4. Terpenes 

Do you love the smell of weed? Of course you do. What sort of a dumb question is that? 

Well, the reason weed smells so dank (and sometimes fruity or minty depending on your specific strain), is because of terpenes. 

And since cannabis concentrates are well, so concentrated, this means that they are full of terpenes for you to enjoy! 

5. Discretion

Once you switch to concentrates, you don’t need to worry about the unmistakeable appearance, size and smell of your flower. 

Concentrates take only a small amount of space, and don’t stink up the entire room! 

So there you have it, 5 of the best reasons why you should try cannabis concentrates at least once. Simply head over to our store and pick out a little treat for yourself!  

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